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Housing Scams: Don't get caught out!

Check out our top tips to avoid being scammed by accommodation payment fraudsters.

Bullet lists

Make instructions stand out with a featured bullet list.

Stagecoach: £1.20 bus fares

£1.20 bus fares on Stagecoach buses across Sheffield, and other discounts.


Embed videos on your website while making sure they look great on mobile and desktop.

First: £1 Bus Fares

£1 bus fares on First buses across Sheffield, and other discounts.


For chunky testimonials that make an impact.

Pride: Where did it start?

A brief history of Pride.


Buttons make your links stand out. Use them in combination with different arrows to make your call to action prominent.

Student Stories: Drink Spiking
male student with blonde hair, wearing red jumper sat on sofa in front of window.

Short student documentary on spiking experiences and what is being done to help tackle the issue.

Image galleries

Make lots of photos look good instead of cluttered.

Real talk; loneliness.

It's Mental Health Awareness Week, and we're here for you.


Create engaging layouts using columns to spread out photography, text and buttons.

Find your perfect student home
bedroom in halls of residence

Visit SHU Accommodation Services to start your search for 'Snug' properties.

Editing page descriptions

The page descriptions appear in the explore section as well as at the top of each page.

Snug: Your House Hunting Best Friend
Rooftops of terrace houses

The best way to find Council, Uni and SU approved housing

Changing page images

Page images appear at the top of each page and in the explore section.

Student Stories: Your Housing Horrors!
Messy kitchen

Luke, Jessica and Zeddy's stories about their housing hell.

Changing page titles

Page titles show in the hero at the top of each page, the page tab, and in the 'explore' sections.

SHU Funding: What can I get?
stack of £20 notes

Bursaries, scholarships and emergency payments, find out what you're entitled to.

Navigation Menus

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Railcard: 1/3 off train travel

Buy a £30 railcard for 1/3 off UK train travel for anyone aged 16-25, 26-30 or in full time education.

Time's ticking to find your next house... or is it?

Why you should always take time to sign.

Top 10 House Finding Tips
Rows of terraced houses

Don't start your house hunt before reading this quick-fire list.

Gloomy News overload? Help!

The media can be worrying; we're here to help.

At a loose end?
winter gardens in sheffield

Top things to do in and around Sheffield.

Revision: Wellbeing and Study Tips
person in a jumper sat at desk with pen in hand and papers underneath. u

Struggling with the pressures of revision? Check out these handy tips

Energy Price Cap: WHAT is it?!
Lit gas cooker with blue flame

What's the fuss, and how might it affect you?

Student Stories: Coping with Disability and Discovering Sexuality
Two men walking along the coast holding hands

The struggles of coping with disability and discovering sexuality

Student Stories: Five reasons I volunteer
Person reaching out to help another person, touching hands

From CV building to socialising, why do you volunteer?

Student Parents: Get out more!
man sat at a laptop with daughter on his lap

Top things to do with your kids if you're a student parent

Exam stress? No fear!
Woman sat at desk in front of a laptop, biting a pencil

Top tips for getting over that assessment stress.

Your top 10 Sheffield facts
the peace gardens in sheffield city centre. town hall in the background with fountains and trees in

How much do you know about the City?

No taxi cash? No problem!

Short of cash on a night out and need a taxi? We've got you covered!

Xanax: All the rage?
person inserting pill into mouth

An impartial overview of this much-discussed drug.

Caught short? Don’t panic!
9 tampons lined up in a row on a blue background

Tammy and Patricia are here to help.

Augar Report: The Basics
Two students sat at desk studying with pens and notepads

Your quickfire guide to the planned changes to student funding.

Our Top Energy Bill Busting Tips

Our guide to helping you reduce the cost of energy bills in your student home.

10 Tips for Cheaper Rent
streets of Sheffield housing

Rent is getting more and more expensive, but we've put together our top 10 tips to help make sure you get the best deal.

Our Top 10 House Hunting Tips!
photo of street of housing, with 'to let' signs on properties

House hunting can be tough! There's a lot to think about and it can all get a bit too much at times, so we've put together a list of top tips to consider when looking for your next student house.