Meet your newly elected HSU Officers

The 6 newly elected HSO Officers stood in a line smiling at Elections Results Night

And that's a wrap on the HSU Officer Elections 2024.

This year, we had an amazing group of candidates vying for a spot on the 2024/25 Officer team. Competition was fierce, but only 6 candidates could emerge victorious!

After a tense results night on Friday, we're excited to announce your first all-female HSU Officer team:

Martha Mitchell


Download Voter Breakdown (.csv)

Shafaq Sajid

International Students' Officer

Download Voter Breakdown (.csv)

Layla Barrett

Wellbeing, Sport and Physical Activity Officer

Download Voter Breakdown (.csv)

Sarah Lahreche

Business, Technology and Engineering College Officer

Download Voter Breakdown (.csv)

Abi Marchant

Health, Wellbeing and Life Sciences College Officer

Download Voter Breakdown (.csv)

Molly Pemberton

Social Sciences and Arts College Officer

Download Voter Breakdown (.csv)


Congratulations to the new team and a massive thank you to all candidates for your dedication and enthusiasm throughout the Elections process.

Thank you to every student who got involved and used their vote - keep an eye out for prize winners and progress on our moss planting initiative (coming soon!).