Big or small, your thoughts and ideas matter. We know there’s always room for improvement. That goes for the uni, wider society and right here at the union too.

You can come to us to vent about any niggles with your course. We’ll give you space to flag concerns about life both on and off campus. And we’ll connect you with others who are pushing for real, tangible change.

Together, let’s take action – and get everyone to take notice.

Student Officer Elections

Use your vote to elect the officers you trust to speak up on the issues you care about. Or get tips on how to prepare to throw your hat in the ring yourself.

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Share your experience

Something on your mind? Let it all out. Air your own comments and complaints about the uni and you'll help make things better for everyone.

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Many voices are louder than one. Join forces with others to raise awareness about injustices, rally around a social cause or make an impact at an institutional level.

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Autumn Elections

Use your vote to elect a team of reps - your advocates and allies on campus. They're all about championing your rights and giving a platform to your ideas for positive change.

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