The Students' Union is run by Students for Students

The Students' Union is run by Students for Students

Five full time Student Officers are annually elected in the Student Elections to oversee the running of the organisation on the behalf of the student body.

The student officer team will be out and about at a campus near you to listen and represent your views. If you see them grab them for a chat… make your voice heard. Or come along to the HUBS and drop into their office.

Welfare & Community Officer

Hi there, I’m Mohammed Abdulredha and I’m your Welfare and Community Officer for 2017/18. My role is to make sure that you are able to feel like part of a community during your time at Sheffield Hallam. I oversee campaigns on issues that affect you as a student such as housing, finance, health and general wellbeing. Feel free to contact me or come and speak to me at any time!

Tel: 0114 225 4129



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Education Officer

Hey there, I’m Davey Silver and I’m your Education Officer! I cover any education and academic related issues that may affect our students. This includes running university-wide campaigns as well as getting students involved in national education campaigns and demonstrations. I’m also here to help you get the most out of your course and I will be working closely with our Course and Faculty Reps to support you with any problems you may encounter. Whether you’ve got an issue that you need help with or just want to come and say hello – don’t hesitate to call by the HUBS or drop me an email!

Tel: 0114 225 6172


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Activities Officer

Hey, I’m Beth Howden your Activities Officer and I support all fun things Union! In those fun things sits Volunteering, Societies, RAG (Raise and Give) and Student Media. I’m based in the Officers’ Office in The HUBS, and will be up at Collegiate too – so come and find me, have a chat (I’m friendly I swear) and lets find ways to make your time here at Sheffield Hallam the best!

To get involved contact me via:
Tel: 0114 225 2006


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Sports & Physical Activity officer

Welcome! I'm Josh Nimmins and my role as Sports and Physical Activity Officer is to help, support and develop the student sports teams and individuals at the university. I also help to ensure that, with all the decisions made through the University Boards, the students' perspectives are at the heart of everything we do. I also organise Sheffield Hallam's biggest sporting event of the year, VARSITY, along with Sports Ball.

I am always keen to have a chat about anything sport related, so if you have any questions, queries or ideas then don't hesitate to ask. You can get in touch with me or drop by into the office, which is situated in the Students Union, The HUBS. 

Tel: 0114 225 4532


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Hi I’m Luke Renwick, your elected Students' Union President. I lead the Students' Union to make sure that you have the best experience possible whilst studying at Sheffield Hallam! My role is to make sure that my team are out talking to you so they can represent your needs in the University and get the most out of your time here. So if there is anything I can do, give me a shout or come and visit me and the rest of the Officers at The HUBS!

Tel: 0114 225 3458


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Students' Union Part Time Reps

The student officer team are supported by 12 part time Student Reps who are annually elected to ensure that the views of all students are represented.  

  • - Alexandru Nita
    ACES Faculty Academic Rep
  • Stephanie Garcia
    SBS Faculty Academic Rep
  • Sheriff Muhammed
    International Students' Rep
  • Alex Van Gelder
    LGBT+ Students' Rep
  • Toby Baxter-Smith
    Mature Students' Rep
  • Chris Franklin
    Part time Students' Rep
  • Sara Wysocka
    Women's Rep
  • Abdullah Okud
    BME Students' Rep
  • Opeyemi Ojo
    Postgraduate Students' Rep
  • Terri Vasey
    HWB Faculty Academic Rep
  • James Glazier
    D&S Faculty Academic Rep
  • Kashmire Hawker
    Disabled Students’ Rep