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Our unique, independent support is here to empower you when it comes to your learning. And we’ll be right by your side through any complaints and appeals at uni.
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Support guides

We offer you independent advice on your academic problems. We are experts in the University's regulations, and will guide you through the relevant processes to find a resolution to your academic issue.

If you have a question about academic misconduct, appeals, complaints, or the implications of taking time out of study, please take a look through our guidance and contact us if you need further information.

Academic Misconduct

Academic Misconduct covers many things including plagiarism/self-plagiarism, cheating in exams, falsifying research data and collusion.


A university academic appeal is a formal process through which students can contest academic decisions, such as grades or disciplinary actions, based on specific grounds and seek a fair resolution.


The university complaints process is a formal procedure that allows students to raise concerns or grievances about various aspects of their university experience and seek a resolution or improvement.


The university disciplinary process is a formal procedure used to address alleged violations of the institution's rules and regulations by students, with the aim of imposing appropriate sanctions if the violations are found to be substantiated.

Failing Part of your Course

Failing part of your course at university means not meeting the minimum academic requirements for a specific module or subject, which may result in the need for remedial actions or repeating the failed portion of the course.

Fitness to Practise

Fitness to practise at university refers to the evaluation of a student's ability to meet the required professional standards and ethical conduct necessary for their chosen field of study, such as in healthcare, teaching, or other regulated professions.

Personal Circumstances Affecting Your Studies

Personal circumstances refer to significant and unforeseen events or challenges in your life, such as illness, bereavement, or other exceptional circumstances, which may impact your academic performance and require appropriate support and consideration from the university.

Taking a Break in Study or Leaving Your Course

Taking a break in study or leaving your course at university refers to the voluntary decision of a student to temporarily suspend their studies or withdraw from their academic program, often for personal, academic, or health-related reasons.