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Help and Support

Your happiness and wellbeing are the reasons we get up in the morning. It's our job to care for every single student at Hallam. Expert, independent and free – support like this isn't something you'll find anywhere else.

We get what you're going through

We’ve supported countless students just like you, tackling anything from dodgy landlords to exam appeals. It's not always easy, but we’re right beside you.

Debts and managing your money

If you are unable to pay something you may be able to negotiate with the company or person you owe the money to. The sooner debts are dealt with the better.

Additional Funding and Discounts

Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for additional funding throughout your studies.

Claiming Benefits

Most students in full-time Higher Education are not eligible to claim benefits for the duration of their course, including summer vacations. Part-time students are not affected by these rules and can usually claim in the same way as non-students.

Funding for Healthcare Courses

In order to be entitled to funding, you must meet the personal eligibility requirements and your course must be eligible.

Postgraduate Funding

In order to be entitled to funding, you must meet the personal eligibility requirements and your course must be eligible.

Undergraduate Funding

In order to be entitled to funding, you must meet the personal eligibility requirements and your course must be eligible.

Cost of Living shop

Did you know we have a Community Fridge, Swap Shop, and Book Swap? Learn more about what they are and how you can access them as a Hallam student.

10 Tips for Cheaper Rent

Rent is getting more and more expensive, but we've put together our top 10 tips to help make sure you get the best deal.


Finding Work After Studying

The UK Council for International Student Affairs can guide you through the process of getting yourself a job once you've graduated.

UKVI/Student Immigration Compliance Meetings

If you are an international student and receive an email from the Student Immigration Compliance team, we can help.

Issues With Visas

The University is here to help you through any issues you have with your visa.

Available Support & Help

Find out how we can help you throughout your time at Hallam.

Tuition Fee Debt

Most international students are required to pay half of their tuition fees before enrolling, find out more about how this affects you.


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What should I do if I have a problem at work?

If you have a problem at work, it is always best to try to get it resolved quickly, at the time it's occurring.

How do I get a National Insurance number?

Your National Insurance number is unique to you, and you keep the same one all your life.

Do I have to pay tax and National Insurance?

You might have heard that students do not have to pay tax and National Insurance, but unfortunately that is a myth!

How much should I be earning?

Employees, workers, and apprentices all have the right to be paid the minimum wage.

What are my rights?

Employee, Worker and Self-employed rights explained.

Where can I find a job?

Searching for a job can be a stressful time, but we can help.


Failing Part of your Course

Failing part of your course at university means not meeting the minimum academic requirements for a specific module or subject, which may result in the need for remedial actions or repeating the failed portion of the course.

Fitness to Practise

Fitness to practise at university refers to the evaluation of a student's ability to meet the required professional standards and ethical conduct necessary for their chosen field of study, such as in healthcare, teaching, or other regulated professions.

Taking a Break in Study or Leaving Your Course

Taking a break in study or leaving your course at university refers to the voluntary decision of a student to temporarily suspend their studies or withdraw from their academic program, often for personal, academic, or health-related reasons.

Personal Circumstances Affecting Your Studies

Personal circumstances refer to significant and unforeseen events or challenges in your life, such as illness, bereavement, or other exceptional circumstances, which may impact your academic performance and require appropriate support and consideration from the university.


The university complaints process is a formal procedure that allows students to raise concerns or grievances about various aspects of their university experience and seek a resolution or improvement.


A university academic appeal is a formal process through which students can contest academic decisions, such as grades or disciplinary actions, based on specific grounds and seek a fair resolution.


The university disciplinary process is a formal procedure used to address alleged violations of the institution's rules and regulations by students, with the aim of imposing appropriate sanctions if the violations are found to be substantiated.

Academic Misconduct

Academic Misconduct covers many things including plagiarism/self-plagiarism, cheating in exams, falsifying research data and collusion.



A deposit is a sum of money paid by a tenant to a landlord or agent before moving into a rental property, serving as security against potential damages or unpaid rent during the tenancy.

Disrepair and Poor Housing Conditions

Your rights in situations where your rented property is not adequately maintained, leading to issues such as structural problems, safety hazards, or essential amenities not functioning properly.

Tenancy Agreements

A tenancy agreement is a legally binding contract between a landlord and a tenant that outlines the terms and conditions of renting a property, including the rent amount, lease duration, and rights and responsibilities of both parties.

Right to Rent

Understand the local tenancy laws and regulations to ensure that you are aware of your legal entitlements and protections as a tenant.

Finding Somewhere to Live

Search for suitable accommodation options, such as on-campus dormitories, off-campus apartments, or shared housing, to ensure a comfortable and conducive living environment during your studies.

Emergency Housing Support

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to seek emergency housing, there are options available for you to explore to seek support, including from the SU and University itself. The SU's Student Advice Centre is open Monday to Friday, and is your first point of call in accessing support.


Our online resources will steer you through tricky times. And our advisers are on hand to share their wisdom and be with you during any hard conversations at uni.

When it comes to student issues, their knowledge and understanding simply can't be matched.

Whatever’s going on, we’re here for you.