Your 2023/24 BAME Ambassadors

A photo of Damilare Oyetunju

Damilare Oyetunji

BAME Ambassador

I’m Damilare Oyetunji, your BAME Project Coordinator for 23/24. I will be the driving force behind projects that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion of BAME students at SHU. My focus primarily will be on ensuring the Decolonization of our curriculum and the development of a well-researched Anti-Racist Student Union Manifesto which will serve as a comprehensive guide outlining the SU's commitment to anti-racism. To achieve these, I will be collaborating with cross-functional teams and engaging with stakeholders, therefore, I am open to suggestions on how you think we can achieve these together.

A photo of Aidah Shah

Aidah Shah

BAME Ambassador

Hi, I’m Aidah, your BAME Ambassador for 2023/24. I am excited to address the challenges that BAME students face during their academic journey, including issues related to the degree awarding gap. I am passionate about creating positive change and working towards a more inclusive learning environment. I’m eager to hear any insights and suggestions on how we can improve the student experience to make real change.

Our research

Degree awarding gap

Dami and Aidah explain what the degree awarding gap is, how it came about, and the work they are doing to help reduce the gap.

Past research

Udeme, BAME Student Research Ambassador 2022/23, conducted new research into two main areas, barriers to sports and societies and the degree awarding gap. Both of these issues have looked at BAME students' experiences at Hallam.

Disaggregating the BAME Degree Awarding Gap: Understanding the Experiences of 'Black' Students

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Perceived barriers & potential solutions to participation in sports & societies among home BAME students

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