Snug: Your House Hunting Best Friend

The best way to find Council, Uni and SU approved housing

Rooftops of terrace houses

Introducing Snug... your best friend when it comes to finding a good quality student house!

Whilst the majority of landlords are professional and trustworthy, sadly there are instances where this is less so. Every student should have the right to feel safe in the knowledge their landlord is reputable, and this is where Snug comes in.

Sheffield Hallam University, the Students' Union and Sheffield City Council have a private sector student property standards scheme called Snug. Snug was introduced to tighten up the control and regulation of student housing in Sheffield to make sure all our students have access to good-quality, safe accommodation. Snug status is awarded when a home and its landlord meet the required standard of property and tenancy management. Factors that are assessed include furniture standards, electrical safety, decor, security and kitchen and bathroom standards, as well as management expectations of the landlord.

All of the properties advertised by SHU Accommodation Services are Snug, and the Student Advice Centre can check the latest Snug list for you if you want to check if a property is Snug before you sign. Accommodation Services also provide advice and guidance on all aspects of house-hunting; they have knowledge of the local area and the types of properties that might suit you.


For more information, or if you're having issues with your landlord or accommodation provider, Snug or not, contact the Student Advice Centre or email