Student Stories: Your Housing Horrors!

Luke, Jessica and Zeddy's stories about their housing hell.

Messy kitchen

We hope that you have a great time in your student house, and that other than helping you find your perfect home, we don't have to see you (in the nicest way!) to resolve disputes, but we know that sometimes don't work out as planned, and sometimes you'll need support.

Luke's Story

"Two of my housemates trashed the kitchen after coming home drunk, the cooker got broken and food was thrown everywhere, even on the ceiling. I share the house with 5 others and I believe that we shouldn't have to pay for it.

One of my friends recommended the Advice Service in the Students' Union. I went for the drop-in session and was advised what my rights were. I wasn't happy that I might be liable for the damage as I had signed a joint contract. However, the adviser explained what my options were and I am trying to sort it out but unfortunately I have to still live with the people that caused the damage and I'm not sure if I will live with them again after this."

Jessica's Story

"Just after I moved into my accommodation in my first year, everyone was saying that we should look for a house for next year. There was a buzz about finding houses for next year, letting agents started advertising. I had just made friends with 5 other girls all in their first year and new to Hallam and we decided to share a house together. I thought it was early but everyone was talking about it so we started looking.

We found a property we liked, but not everyone went to view it. We made a decision and signed up for a property to start the following July and paid our deposits, luckily I had just received my student funding so I could afford the deposit. However, after Christmas one of the girls I was moving in with, fell out with us and so I decided that I didn't want to move into the property.

I went to the Students' Union Advice Service for advice - they told me what my rights were, but basically I could only get out of the contract if I could find a replacement tenant. As of yet I haven't managed to do so and I am not looking forward to moving in. I wished now that I didn't sign up so early."

Zeddy's Story

"I didn't know what to do when our housing agents weren't being co-operative, weren't providing us with the services we were paying for and had generally not treated us in a professional manner.

Sheffield Hallam Students' Union Advice Centre gave us the support we were looking for, reassured us of our rights, introduced us to new ways of seeking help (ringing the council, how to write to our landlord, how and in what way to appropriately tackleour issues, ensuring we have the appropriate licences for our house which we would not have known about otherwise).

Sheffield Hallam Students' Union Advice Service supported us in our decisions and ensured we could re-open our case when we needed to, appreciating that as students in our final year we were already having a stressful and busy time so struggled to keep on top of it all.

They also supported us in liaising with the local MP, in order to promote an effective change for all students with such ussues."


Having problems in your student house, from disrepair and landlord issues, to housemate and deposit disputes? Sheffield Hallam Students' Union has a dedicated Student Advice Centre, who are here to help, with additional Housing Guidance from SHU.

Find the best deal for your next student home by attending one of our annual Housing Fairs, find a 'Snug' property with SHU Accommodation Services, or book an appointment with the Advice Centre.


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