Why become a Course Rep?

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Did you know we currently have over 1,500 Course Reps at Hallam?

That's a huge community of students working across the University to help make the experience on their course the best it can be.

Any student can sign up to be a Course Rep and there's no limit to how many there can be, so don't be put off if your course already has a Rep... you can work together!

What does the role involve?

Course Reps volunteer 3-4 hours each month, chatting to course mates and passing feedback on to lecturers and tutors.

You'll have access to send emails to your coursemates via our website, and to an online Teams space where you can share information and get support from the Course Rep community.

What's in it for me?

Being a Course Rep is a low-commitment role, but with big benefits.

Skills development

As a Course Rep, you'll develop valuable skills such as negotiation, organisation, and research. The role is varied, depending on your course, so you could find yourself involved with anything from improving timetabling and University systems, to organising social events or support groups - all great real-world experience to talk about in job interviews.

You'll also have opportunities to undertake additional training to continue your professional development!


From being part of our Accreditation Scheme or Course Rep of the Month, to winning a Representation Award at the end of the year, there are loads of ways we recognise the great work done by our Course Reps.

Pathway to future jobs

Lots of Course Reps go on to become Department Reps or HSU Officers, so it can be a great stepping stone for future (paid!) job opportunities.

Sounds great, where can I sign up?

Good news! You can sign up online at any time of the year - just watch a short video and complete a 10-minute quiz (yes, it's really that easy!).

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Of course we think you should sign-up, but what do students who've done the role have to say?

"Being a course representative is an exciting opportunity and a great duty that allows you to aid your classmates while also supporting the course leader and tutors." - Monia Kumari

"I enjoyed being able to interact with so many people and so many different backgrounds. I also really enjoyed building connections with academic staff and getting to understand how and why they teach and work the way that they do, it made them a lot more approachable and allowed the work environment to be a lot more fun!" - Sara Raza (Sara went on to become the BioSciences Department Rep)

"Being a Course Rep is all about making a difference to students' lives. Moreover, I knew that it will also allow me to develop a range of skills that will make me more employable. Better still, it will show me to be the sort of person willing to go the extra mile to support others." - Vasim Shaikh

"I wanted to be able to support my peers and escalate the concerns we had, in order to make meaningful change. Nursing is a really challenging degree, and I believe as a cohort, our support for each other has been a key factor in getting us this far - as a rep I'm able to use my role in supporting my peers to represent our cohort in order to improve our university experience!" - Izzie Harley

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