Welcome to your 2024-25 HSU Officers

The six officers stood in a group and smiling at the camera

A warm welcome to the new 2024/25 HSU Officer team! They officially take on their roles today, and we're thrilled to have them on board.

Your new Officers are:

  • Martha Mitchell (President)
  • Shafaq Sajid (International Students' Officer)
  • Layla Barrett (Wellbeing, Sport and Physical Activities Officer)
  • Sarah Lahreche (Business, Technology and Engineering College Officer)
  • Abi Marchant (Health, Wellbeing and Life Sciences College Officer)
  • Molly Pemberton (Social Sciences and Arts College Officer)

Huge thanks to the outgoing team for their hard work and dedication in making Hallam a better place for students. They've left some big shoes to fill, but we're excited to see what the new team will accomplish in the coming year.

Stay updated with the Officer team:

The six officers stood in a group, smiling at the camera