Our students are the face of the SU and make sure your voice is heard throughout
your time at university.

Each year, full-time Student Officers are elected to represent you and aim to improve your Hallam experience. Some of our previous student officer achievements have included securing improved funding for student mental health support, extending library opening times and reducing printing costs. As well as Student Officers, your SU also elects Part-time and Department Reps who promote your student academic interests to help improve the student experience for all. In fact, there is a dedicated Students’ Union representative at all levels.

Your 2021/22 Full-Time Student Officer Team

We are so excited to welcome your newly elected Student Officer Team. We are busy getting their webpages updated so you can get the latest information on what they are up to. In the meantime you can contact them using the links in the orange box.

Click on the Officers below to get in touch with them!


Your Part-Time Representatives

Working alongside our full-time officers is our Part-Time Reps. You can get in touch with our current Part-Time Reps below!

Disabled Students' Rep

Abbie Smyth


Mature Students' Rep


Postgraduate Students' Rep

Tom Akin


Women's Rep

Kelly Dixon


Part-Time Students' Rep

Harshal Anand Patil


LGBTQIA+ Students' Rep

Bailey Sedgwick


BME Students' Rep

Ryia Bernard-Jones