Representing students at Hallam

As the highest decision-making body within the Students' Union, it is comprised of Officers and Reps that represent a wide range of student groups, ensuring that we are the truly reflective voice of students at Hallam. There are also six elected open space reps that act as additional representatives of the student body.

Please email if you would like to attend as an observer or require support with working on a policy.

Upcoming dates

Date 5th June 2024

Time 4pm - 6pm

Location Online - Email for the link 

All students are welcome to attend Union Council sessions, though we ask that you let us know in advance so we can add your attendance to the minutes and send you the Microsoft Teams link.

Propose a policy

If there's something you're passionate about that you think we could make a difference on, then why not see if you can make it an official policy?

Any student can influence the work of the Students' Union by proposing a policy to Union Council. If you have an idea for improving the lives and education of Hallam students, let us know!

Submit your policy idea

Current policies

A policy is effectively an idea that a student, or a number of students, have had which they believe will improve the Hallam student experience. Once passed, policies are binding for three years - and the we need to work to make sure they happen!

You can request an update on any of our policies at any time. Just email us at

If you have feedback or opinions on any of the above policies, you can contact with your comments. Let us know if you would like your comments forwarded on to any specific Reps/Officers - if not, they will be provided to the Council as a whole.