Student-Led Campaigns Fund

Need funding to support your campaign? Check out our Student-Led Campaigns fund launching August 2024!

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Apply for the Student-Led Campaigns Fund!

Are you passionate about making a difference on campus or in your community? Do you have a campaign idea that needs financial support to get off the ground? Our Student-Led Campaigns Fund is here to help you turn your vision into reality!

We realise many campaigns require activity, and that often means cost. Our Student-Led Campaigns Fund enables you to apply for to up to £50 towards your campaign costs.

Submit your proposal for campaign funding from 1 August 2024.

You will be emailed a copy of your completed form and will receive a response from us within 3 working days stating whether you've been successful with your application. There are 3 possible outcomes: successful; more detailed needed; or unsuccessful. We will try to the best of our ability to support all applications, in line with the following application criteria.


Your application criteria

We want to support as many campaigns as possible, and help you exercise your democratic rights, but as a charity with limited resource we do have to check several details to ensure we're compliant with law and spending our funding properly.

If your application gets rejected, we'll let you know why, but here's some guidance on why we may reject an application:

  • You applied for money for elections campaigning - we do not fund this, any funding/monetary aspects will be discussed as part of your election candidate training.
  • If your idea isn't actually a campaign - if you want to run an event, or fund something for personal use, please refer to other resources on our website.
  • If you fail to attend our campaign training - once you apply we'll set up a time to do an hour of campaign training. This ensures we give you the resources you need to get the most from your funding. If you fail to attend the training then we will not be able to provide funding.
  • If you are not a Hallam student - we are a Students' Union and so will only fund our members (Hallam students).
  • If the idea goes against our charitable aims - as a Students' Union we're only allowed to fund campaigning for things that impact students, so we cannot fund campaigns that do not impact students.
  • If the idea is illegal - fairly self explanatory, we aren't allowed to break the law!
  • If the idea goes against the Student Code of Conduct - as you're members of the Students' Union, we cannot encourage you to break the Student Code of Conduct.
  • If you have unrealistic aims and resource use, and fail to amend when requested - we'll support you as much as we can to ensure you have the best chance of success, including highlighting any issues we see and coaching you through the process. If you're unable to be flexible with bits that we consider extreme or unrealistic then we may not be able to award you funding, i.e if you want to feed 2,000 students with £50, it wouldn't be a reasonable request as you would most likely fail.
  • If a duplicate campaign is already ongoing - as mentioned, we're a charity with limited resource and successful campaigns also require allies and people power! If a similar campaign is already live then we'll direct you towards that campaign group as you'll be able to more sustainably use that resource.


We can provide you with the following to enable you to undertake a variety of campaign activities:

  • Campaign training from our Campaigns Team
  • Spaces to meet for campaign group meetings
  • Microphone/speaker
  • Banner making materials/paints
  • Radios for stewards
  • High-vis for stewards
  • Stewards

Code of Conduct

As a student at Sheffield Hallam University you are bound under the Student Code of Conduct, including any actions as part of campaigns.


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