Protests, Vigils & Organising

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As a Students' Union, we are here to support and represent our members (students). We want you to be able to exercise your freedom of speech, which means we'll support you in organising a protest (as long as you follow our procedures). As a charity we are also bound under charity law to only provide resources under the following conditions:

  • The issue needs to impact "students as students". We can facilitate wider debate if a student wishes, but there needs to be some link to students.
  • We can't be party political, this is something we particularly need to keep in mind during election periods due to electoral law.
  • Student groups can be party political, but we cannot provide resources directly for that aim (i.e Labour or Conservative party socities).

If you want to organise a protest, then you can fill out the following form and we'll meet with you to guide you through the process, it will most likely take 3 weeks from submitting the form to the day of the protest.

Organise a protest or vigil. 


Vigils are held to stand in solidarity or mourn a group impacted by a natural disaster, war or a devastating situation. We'd usually invite the chaplain and students to speak about their experiences and emotions. Vigils usually last about 30 minutes and have a quick turn around of around 3 days. 



We can provide you with the following:

  • Microphone/speaker
  • Banner making materials/paints
  • Radios for stewards
  • High-vis for stewards
  • Stewards

Code of Conduct

As a student at Sheffield Hallam University you are bound under the Student Code of Conduct, this includes any actions at protests.


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