7 Ways Your Student Job Can Help You Win Over Recruiters


Have you ever thought about how your student job could help you in the long-term? No? Well, let's delve in.

As students step into the world of work for the first time, it can sometimes feel you are navigating a minefield, but did you know there's other ways your job can benefit you in the long-term?

Here are 7 added benefits of having a job whilst studying:

1. Money, money, money

Now, not to sound too much like an ABBA soundtrack, but money is no laughing matter to most students and is a topic usually avoided - like how politicians steer clear of answers at Question Time. Whilst money is a key motivator for why most students get a job, there are also benefits that go beyond this.

2. Transferrable skills

You can gain in-demand skills from working a side-hustle whilst you study such as organisation skills, time-management, rapport building, customer service and problem solving to name a few.

3. Work experience

You can step into the working world knowing you've already achieved some invaluable experience that can help your CV stand out from the crowd and give you a competitive edge amongst your peers.

4. Responsibility

Lots of recruiters are looking for candidates that have practical examples of when they've taken responsibility for their work, time or self-development.

5. Expand your networks

In tricky times, it's useful to surround yourself with a strong support network of colleagues, friends and family. Having a job means you can meet new people and form new friends all whilst getting paid for it!

6. Work perks

Whilst we're yet to find someone who's fanatical about the office 'Cycle to Work' scheme, it doesn't hurt to find out whether your new employer offers any staff discounts to help with the cost of living.

7. Independence

Earning extra means that you can have more autonomy over your lifestyle choices and can take part in paid or free events that interest you.