Speak Week - The results

Student smiling at the camera. They're wearing their hair in a bun, glass, and a black gilet.

What do you think about being a Hallam student?

That's what we wanted to know.

So, every day during Speak Week (November), we visited both campuses to find out what you like about being a student at Hallam - and what you don't like so much! We asked you to complete a postcard, telling us one thing you'd like to keep the same about your University experience and what you'd like to change. It was an amazing success, and we talked to more than 10% of Hallam students; 3,157 of you filled in a postcard for us. Thanks to everyone who got involved!

We heard from you about all sorts of things, from how good the teaching and library facilities are, to how bad the parking can be. You told us about the need to improve signposting around campuses, and the kinds of SU events you'd like to see in future. We read every single postcard, and we did some serious number crunching, so here's what you said to us!

You provided mixed positive and negative feedback - 25% of you want improvements to catering, whilst 16% want catering to remain the same; 19% want changes to teaching and delivery, but 25% are happy with it; 12% want changes to student support, but 18% are happy with it, and 22% are happy with study facilities, whereas 13% want changes. However, there was one clear area where you are universally unhappy - 27% of negative feedback provided was about timetabling (that's 851 pieces, compared to 108 pieces of positive feedback).

Breaking down responses highlights some interesting differences between campuses. If you study at city campus, you are more likely to be negative about timetabling than those of you at Collegiate. Collegiate students had much more to say, proportionately, about catering - both good and bad. But those of you at Collegiate are more positive about study facilities.

851 of you had something bad to say about timetabling. Poor timetabling (long gaps, only one session a day, late lectures) causes issues for you, particularly if you have a part-time job. Timetables are often changed at short notice, and changes are not communicated.

You also had lots to say on catering! In fact, we received around 1,300 individual bits of feedback about food and drink at the University, much of it around cost and choice. Around 400 of you said you're happy with the catering provision just the way it is. Some of you want more choice of food, more outlets, and cheaper food.

You offered more positive than negative feedback about teaching and learning. Those of you that are happy with teaching and delivery mentioned high quality teaching, and frequently identified specific members of staff as being particularly good. Some of you even described the teaching at Hallam as being excellent or as market leading!

You were also positive about student support and study facilities. You really appreciate the library and study skills support but you want more group study spaces, because they fill up quickly. You're really impressed with high quality support around employability and careers. Some of you also appreciate support from academic staff, and frequently identified named staff members.

To find out more, read the full Speak Week report.