Student Stories: Five reasons I volunteer

From CV building to socialising, why do you volunteer?

Person reaching out to help another person, touching hands


Leonidas, who was recently studying BA Hon Film Studies and Screenwriting at Sheffield Hallam University, has been a volunteer with Action Tutoring making a difference to pupils in Sheffield since October 2020. Leonidas has shared five reasons why he volunteers for Action Tutoring...


I volunteer to build my CV

"My CV is rather short at the moment as I've only worked two jobs, so tutoring is something else I can add. Volunteering increases your chances of employment as it reflects a good work ethic and a determination to want to help others."

I volunteer to learn and practice the craft of teaching

"I see myself pursuing a career in teaching, so what better way to get experience than by tutoring? It allows me to see my strengths and weaknesses as a tutor. The session templates Action Tutoring provides gives me an idea of what is required of a teacher and the type of skills pupils are learning in the education system. My programme coordinator, Racheal, has also given me many useful tips for teaching and where to look once I've finished university."

I volunteer to help others

"Some students aren't as fortunate as others and as a student who struggled at secondary school, I only feel it's fair to help those who need it most. It's extremely rewarding to see my students develop their English skills each week, and I hope the support gives them what they need to go onto the next stage. Educational support is so important, especially now during this pandemic, so I’ll help in any way I can for students to receive some level of education."

I volunteer to improve my mental health

"Now more than ever, days feel repetitive. Volunteering adds something different to the week which is refreshing and enjoyable. It also keeps you busy and increases productivity, which motivates me to do my university work."

I volunteer to make friends 

"Throughout this experience, I have met some other tutors on Zoom calls who have been lovely. Hopefully, once things go back to normal, we can see each other in person!"


Find out more about volunteering with your Students' Union here.