Students launch petition demanding change at Hallam Kitchen (Level 6, Owen)

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We've heard that students are unhappy with food choices at Owen's Level 6 Hallam Kitchen, notably the perceived lack of variety compared to previous years and recent restrictions placed on extras such as cheese and salad. Students recall a time when they could fill their boxes with whatever food they wanted. They argue that with limited diet options outside university hours, access to a diverse and fulfilling menu on campus is crucial. Some students suspect financial motives for the decline in options, questioning whether it's a cost-cutting measure or a move driven by "financial greed".

Hallam Kitchen counters student concerns by highlighting its commitment to providing affordable meals for students, whilst also sourcing many of their ingredients from local suppliers. They emphasise their continued efforts to offer food at subsidised prices, resulting in £93,000 of subsidies over the 15 weeks prior to 20 November 2023 alone. This includes initiatives such as £1 Wednesdays, subsidised street food boxes, and meal deals that match supermarket prices.

Petition for change

Students have launched a petition calling for an improvement in the quality and variety of food offered at Hallam Kitchen on Level 6, Owen. The petition urges the University to address student concerns and provide a more comprehensive and satisfactory food service.

If you'd like to get involved, you can sign the petition online.

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