LGBTQ+ Mural Competition: The Winners!

Image features inclusive pride flag

We are absolutely delighted to announce the two winners of our LGBTQ+ Mural Competition as Georgia d’Eca and Olivia Tate! Georgia’s “Be Yourself” Mural and Olivia’s “Pride is Still a Riot” Mural will be installed at City and Collegiate campus in late September, so watch this space! We can’t wait to see how they look!

The LGBTQ+ Mural Project came from student Archie-Lee Irving - here are some thoughts from him: 
How did the project come to be? 

"Upon arriving at University, I was surprised at the lack of LGBTQ+ representation and wanted to make a change, so I approached the students' union and proposed pride murals across campus so that the walls of the University represent the students. I also recommended we get students involved and make it a competition. We had meetings and discussed the finer details of the project, and the student union was more than happy to take the project on board!"

How you feel about the project now?

"I approached this project not really knowing if I would be taken seriously, let alone actual change being made, and so I am ecstatic to know the project is in the final stages and it is going to be a reality! The amazing admissions we received from students shows the passion for this project. I’m so pleased the student union heard me out and believed in my idea, working with me every step of the way to see it through. I am also grateful to be able to give back to the LGBTQ+ community and I hope that future students feel represented when they come to Sheffield Hallam."

We have been overwhelmed by all the amazing entries we have received for this competition – thank you to everyone who submitted a design! Hallam is home to so many incredible artists and we’ve been so lucky to see so many great entries from students. This has been a brilliant joint project between the SU and the university. Check out all the entries below!


Georgia d’Eca: 
Instagram: @decageorgia 

IImage features five individuals featuring different pride flags on their faces: the transgender pride flag, the bisexual pride flag, pansexual pride flag, lesbian pride flag, and the gay men pride flag. The title of the mural is “Be Yourself” on a maroon background.

Olivia Tate:
Instagram: @Olivia_tatedesign

Image features a diverse group of people smiling and celebrating Pride under the words “Pride is Still A Riot” with a bright rainbow background and flags that say “Love is Love” and “Trans Rights are Human Rights”. The images features same sex couples, drag queens, children, non binary people and a wheelchair user wearing a shirt saying SHU. 


Shortlist: (listed in no particular order)

Ami Jones

JJ Eteson
Instagram: @jjeteson
Image features a group of frogs embracing in a lily pond wearing different pride scarves. There is a rainbow and a heart in the background. 

Lucy Waddingham:
About Edward Carpenter (pictured) “Mainly remembered now as the granddaddy of gay rights campaigning - living openly with his lover and writing bravely about it - he was also an advocate of socialism, anarchism, feminism, vegetarianism, clothes reform and teetotalism. He opposed imperialism, vivisection, war and capital punishment. He travelled widely, writing sympathetically about India and Ceylon. He believed in nude sunbathing, trade unions and the value of having your piano in the kitchen. And of course sandals, which he designed, made and popularised.” Pictured with his partner George Merril.
 - Description from artist.
 Scan of piece composed from screen printing ink, fineliner and watercolour displaying portraits of Sheffield born poet Edward Carpenter and his husband George Merril. 
Rien Rajwadi 

Image features a diverse  group of people wearing or holding different pride flags under the word “Pride”.


Other Entries (listed in no particular order):

Nina Vezzoni: 

Image features six rainbow butterflies flying above the words “Soar with Pride” on a background of sky. 


Ryan Wegg:
Instagram: r.a.w.designs
Image features two lion heads facing each other. The manes are made of up lots of different pride flags and also includes a black lives matter fist symbol. Text between the lions reads “Stand with Pride”. 

Hitenkumar Patel

Image features two scenes. On the left there is a city scene against a rainbow sky. On the right there is a rainbow hand shaking a yellow hand with the title "Sheffield: Proud to be Inclusive"


Murphy Askin

Image features two people facing each other, both with brightly dyed hair. Text displayed reads “Love is Love and it can’t be explained” against a multicoloured background. 

Holly Johnson
Image features a large face to the right of a woman with three eyes, one in the middle of her forehead. Her hair makes up the background of the images and is pastel rainbow colours. There is also a sunbathing man on a deckchair to the left of the mural. The transgender flag colours, lesbian flag and gay men flag colours are featured in the mural via nails, an umbrella and a female gender symbol. 
Ellis Hutton
Instagram:  elico_fashio_and_craft


Aiyana Webster Harrison

Image features a person with a rainbow butterfly covering their face in front of a brick wall. On the brick wall are the words transgender, lesbian, heterosexual, bisexual, pansexual, gay, polysexual, asexual, non-binary and “beautifully me” in the corresponding pride flag colours.