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The Social Action Award 2023

 The Social Action Award 2023


Who are we?
Hey everyone! Welcome to our page for Sheffield Hallam's Bengali Society! 

We created this society as a catalyst for bringing people together - like us and yourselves - to create a fun, socially diverse, and hopefully memorable environment during your time at university. The aim of this society is to be your platform for meeting new people, sharing interests, and being part of amazing upcoming events we know you’ll enjoy. We want to create memories and we know you do too - so what’s stopping you?!

We look forward to meeting all of you and hope that we’ll win you over. We understand that university can be a lonely and overwhelming place, so let’s forget about all that at BDSOC. Make friends, eat lots of hutki and snap many, many, memorable moments and laugh. Shout, talk, observe and find your people. 

Our current events plans include: 

 ?      Charity events 

 ?      Mixed events 

 ?      Formal annual balls/parties

+ so much more, and you yourselves will get to choose what you want to do too!


Sign up now to get involved, and become part of the BengSoc community here at Hallam, where EVERYONE is welcome! We can't wait to show you what we have in store!

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