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Society Elections

Find out everything you need to know about running in or facilitating elections for your society committee.
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Voting is now closed.

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Thanks to everyone who nominated themselves, and congratulations to our 2024/25 Society Committee members.

No bulk society committee elections are currently running

Key dates

  • 18 March

    Nominations open

  • 12 April

    Nominations close

  • 16 April

    Voting opens

  • 24 April

    Voting closes

  • 26 April

    Results announced

Committee checklist

What committees need to do during the elections.

Before nominations close

  • Advertise! Get the word out about your election early.
  • Be prepared to answer questions - you are your candidates' best resource.
  • Share information about the roles leading up to and during nominations.

During voting period

  • Host events designed to get your members involved with the voting process.
  • Enjoy yourself! Elections are meant to be enjoyable.
  • Remind your members to vote. They can even vote for themselves if they are a candidate.

Candidate checklist

What candidates need to do during the elections.

Before nominations close

  • Choose a position. Research the roles up for election in your society.
  • Nominate. Submit your nomination online by 12 April.
  • Submit your manifesto by 12 April (optional).

During voting period

  • Attend election events hosted by your society to meet your voters.
  • Enjoy yourself! Elections are meant to be enjoyable.
  • Vote! As a candidate, you are still eligible to vote (you can even vote for yourself!)

Election activities

There are no current events, please check back later.


We've answered some common questions to help you along.

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Rules and regulations

  • A student's race, background, nationality, gender, or identity should not impact their ability to join a society or run as a candidate.
  • The student's study year or duration of society membership should not matter. It also doesn't matter if they have been on the committee before.
  • A society is not allowed to introduce specifications to committee roles that might exclude, discourage, or be an advantage to a certain group of students.
  • Committee members must not endorse, influence, show favouritism, be against any candidates, or try to influence votes for or against any candidates.
  • Candidates are expected to conduct themselves in a mature manner. Poor treatment of other candidates or coercive behaviour aimed at getting votes is not acceptable and should be reported to the Union team.

Please note: Society memberships will be taken off sale during the voting period. It is your responsibility to ensure you hold the required membership to put yourself forward as a candidate and vote in the elections. Breaches of the elections rules by any member of the society should be reported to us at