Looking to set up a new society?

Check out the simple steps below, fill out the form and the societies team will be in touch shortly!

  1. Find 10 students that are interested in forming a society. If you want to start an academic society, find an academic in your department that can support this.
  2. Complete the application form below.
  3. A panel will review your application.
  4. Once your society is provisionally approved, hold your first AGM to select your committee.
  5. Send us the contact details of your society and we'll get you up and running.

To speed up your application you should also look through the guidelines in the Committee Portal so you know how your Society should work. This will help you to understand what might make your Society eligible for funding, as well as other important information.

Application form

Please note:
We are still accepting applications to start a new society.  However, any applications submitted for approval after 26 April will not have their society fully ratified until 1 August. This means your society would not be able to sell society memberships, be added to our website or undertake any society activities until 1 August onwards.