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Hi! Welcome to SHU Vegan & Vegetarian Society :)

We are a society promoting the welfare of animals, climate improvement, and anti-speciesism.

We offer a space for like-minded individuals to come together, visit vegan spaces and restaurants (with exclusive discounts), share recipes and ideas, and to overall promote and support the message of veganism.

Join us for frequent trips to vegan-friendly cafes and restaurants, vegan markets, zero-waste shops, along with regular meet ups to discuss recommendations of books, documentaries, and places to visit. We often host fun, social events to bring the community together and meet people with similar morals and lifestyles.

We are free to join - we will send you an invite link to our WhatsApp group to be filled in on our events :)


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Upcoming Events

Vegan & Vegetarian Society - Christmas Vegan Buffet Night
8th December 5pm - 8pm
Owen Building 1031, Sheffield
Bring and share Christmas Vegan Buffet and Film

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