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About us

Hey, and welcome to the Hallam Odyssey society page!



We are a society purely revolved around travelling- whether it is internationally or nationally, there are always fun events going on!


UK trips will be aimed to be held monthly while international trips are aimed to be held two/three times a year.


Where do we go? YOU DECIDE!


Our society is all about leaving it down to the members. You simply tell us where you'd like to go, through votes and pitches, and we'll do the rest. Locations such as Greece, Poland, Hungary, Morocco, Iceland, Portugal and more are up for grabs!

Socials will be held every 2 weeks, a way in which we will get to know each other and have a good night!


By purchasing a membership, you will gain access to trips at discounted rates, are able to attend socials and are added to our members-only Whatsapp group chat to keep up-to-date on all events!

Please email or DM us on Instagram with your name to be added to the group chat once memberships are purchased! If not, we may miss you out and you may not be kept up-to-date with events!

Contacting us:

If you have any questions, our email, as well as our Instagram DMs, will always be open. Updates will be regularly posted there so make sure to give us a follow to be up-to-date on all our events!

We also have a Discord! This allows us to also socialise outside of events! :)



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