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A Salaam Walaykum, Ahlen Wa Sahlen, Marhaba these are just some expressions used to welcome each other in North Africa.

We created SHU NASOC to give a safe space for North Africans to meet each and discover other North Africans in Sheffield. It also allows many others to learn about North Africa. SHU NASOC plans to bring North African cultutre to Sheffiled celebratng its rich history and diverse people. We want to share the best of our North African Countries (Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Sudan) Especially our Amazighi culture and history.

We hope to do this through many events such as a Meet & Greet, Social Acitivites (Go Karting, Movie Night, Bowling, Paintballing, Laser tag) We also plan on doing NA themed events such as a Food and Culture Night where we would also raise money for a charity. We are currently fundrasing for food parcels for refugees which will be distributed during Ramadan. A holy month where many Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. We also plan on doing a charity Scafell Pike moutain trek on the last week before Ramadan for the same cause. As well as the previous mentioned events we also plan on embracing North African culture through education. We are very active on our social and plan to shorlty introduce history classes sharing a bit from each nation on our social media.

We will also be launching our official SHU NASOC hoodies soon, you can get them customised and a portion of the cost will go to charity. Its safe to say you can expect a lot from our soceity. We will do our best to deliver and exceed expectations. We hope to see you at our next event. Make sure to follows us on our socials and join our group chat. Links are in our linktree. See you soon.


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