Time's ticking to find your next house... or is it?

Why you should always take time to sign.


Take time to sign!

Don't believe the myth that there is a shortage of student housing in Sheffield - it's not true!

Unfortunately house hunting starts early in Sheffield, but that doesn't have to be the case. Despite what you may have heard, there is actually a surplus of student property in Sheffield, so you'll be able to find student accommodation at any point in the year - so don't panic, and take your time! Students who don't start house hunting until the summer before they return to University still secure good properties. We recommend that students wait until after the Students' Union Housing Fair, which tends to be in either November or January, before even considering signing up for a tenancy for the next academic year.

We see many students each year that sign up very early, then change their minds a few months later - usually because they have fallen out with their friends or have realised they cannot afford the new rent or have changed their study plans. Once you have signed a tenancy agreement you are not usually able to change your mind and may find yourself having to pay the rent whether you move in or not.

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Written by Ryan Coleflax