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Candidates for Business, Technology and Engineering College Officer

Meet the candidates running for Business, Technology and Engineering College Officer in the 2024 HSU Elections.

Voting is now closed.

Meet your 2024/25 Officer team

Victor Ojeawere

Be innovative, Be Valuable.

Emily Brett

Building a Bretter tomorrow

Victoria Ogege

Fairer Grades, Showcasing Your Success


United together; *One for All and All for One*.

Vincent Vincent

PIA - Placement, Information and Amplified Voices

Akinyefa Oluwatosin Gloria

Gloria for BTE, Vote for MORE.  M - Meticulous O - Objective R - Reliable & E - Experience

Yagnesh Bhatt

Building a road to tomorrow.

Stella Okoh

together we are stellar

Sarah Lahreche

Change is fresh, Vote Lahreche!

Oluwaseye Akeredolu

Empowering Students, Engineering Excellence - Your Voice, Our Vision!

Olamide Adeagbo

Your Success, My Priority - Let's Shape the Future Together!