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Top Of The Socs: Your November Winners

Top of the socs results for this month are in:

Firstly, Society event of the month goes to GeogSoc for their quiz in the Hideout.

GeogSoc held a geography quiz in the Hideout and had an amazing turnout with 80 people, both members and non-members, turning up and taking part. The chilled out evening had a great community feel which was a great way for people to get to know one another.

Society of the Month goes to the Wine Appreciation Society.

The Wine Appreciation Society have made a real effort to include new members who have come alone but left with loads of new friends. Their members range from first years to final years and they have gained over 30 new members since October. They held a charity night in aid of MIND and raised over £50. They hold regular polls and votes to see which events and days are bests for everyone within the society and they always make sure that everyone gets home safely. They secured a sponsorship with Revs meaning that their members get great deals and they have already almost reached their yearly spend target.

All members of the two winning societies will get 20% off in Hideout every Saturday in December.

Congratulations to GeogSoc and Wine Appreciation for winning Top Of The Socs this month.To enter your Society for December's competition visit the Top of the Socs page on our website!



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