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Wellbeing Wednesday #4

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Hi all


We hope you are all doing ok.

Next week is Mental Health Awareness Week (18th – 24th May) and this year the theme is Kindness. Although things might be tough at the moment, there has been lots of great examples of kindness prevailing in the last few weeks – from strengthened communities with mutual aid groups to the incredible Captain Tom Moore! It’s so important to be kind to others and yourself during this time… we’re all doing our best!


I have attached a word document that has suggestions on different ways you can be kind and we’d love it if all staff try at least one of these next week. We have already been practicing being kind to ourselves in lots of different ways:

  • Sally purchased a huge bottle of delicious Biscoff sauce
  • Josh bought a batch of tasty brownies and blondies (and kindly share them with his family)
  • Dani has a ‘happy file’ of emails from people with positive messages and thankyous and when she feels like she’s doing a rubbish job she looks at those to remind herself of the good things she’s done well
  • Liz makes sure she does something active during her day (Running, Walking or Yoga) as it helps her unwind and enjoy the beautiful weather we’ve been having
  • And Lucy’s daily skincare routine currently has 7 steps!


Our very own Emma Jackson has also created a great blog post sharing some more ideas of how to be kind to others or check out the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation for even more inspiration. If you want to learn more about being kinder to yourself this article has some great insights about self-compassion too!


We would love for you all to share what you do to be kind throughout next week – please send Lucy/Dani photos of you being kind and we would like to collate them in some way for our next email. It would be lovely to see everyone’s faces again!



Book Club Update


This month the Book Club book is ‘The Great Gatsby’  by F. Scott Fitzgerald and will be meeting w/c 25th May to discuss! The book is very cheap for a physical copy or there’s a free kindle edition and there’s even a free audiobook version on Spotify. Please let Sally Carter know if you would like to be involved.


Quiz reminder


Don’t forget to complete Josh’s quiz we sent round last week - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1LIRYhczypsqptdoiGGWSQgT1KuFbvdj2fKbXypvv9dY/edit


We will be sending a new quiz round soon so keep an eye out for that!


Reminder of Home Working tips


Working from Home may have started to feel (slightly) more normal but we wanted to remind everyone of the top tips we sent in our first email as it’s easy to forget just how important they are!


  • Create a routine – set your alarm, get up and dressed at a normal time
  • Commute to work – go outside for a walk before you start work. This creates the feeling of commuting to work but also gets your body moving and gets you some fresh air
  • Maintain contact with your manager and work colleagues via web ex, jabber or zoom
  • Virtual team lunches via web ex
  • Take regular breaks
  • If possible keep your work area separate even if that is just making sure you shut down your laptop at the end of the day
  • Create clear boundaries in terms of accessing work emails/whats app messages during agreed work hours
  • Prioritise things that will keep you healthy such as sleep and eating well
  • Be educated but don’t overwhelm yourself with information
  • Use technology (Zoom, what’s app, FaceTime) to keep in touch with your friends and family
  • Seek help if you need to. These are challenging times and it’s ok to not be ok: as mentioned in the FAQs sent round, you can contact the SU mental health first aiders (and Healthy Hallam Champions): Dan Williams and Dani Thornton-Walker, or contact Employee Assistance Programme And the Samaritans are available 24 hours a day.

If you are struggling with your mental health during this time – there is lots of specific Coronavirus support and resources on the Sheffield IAPT page too.


Have a great rest of the week!


The Wellbeing Project Team


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