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Investors in Diversity - Level 2

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Level 2 Accreditation

As most of you will be aware we received the level 1 Investors in Diversity accreditation this time last year. We are now going for level 2 and we need your help. More information about FREDIE can be found here and one the Investors in Diversity website. 

We are asking all stakeholders, including our workforce to answer questions to find out as much as possible about how well we promote equalitydiversity, and inclusion within our organisation. This will form the basis of any work we do on our journey towards achieving the award.

Our staff survey will be open Monday 13th January and will be found below. 

Other ways you can help

Our students will be asked to fill out a similar survey from Monday 13th January. This survey will be open for 3 weeks and those who finish the survey will be entered into a prize draw to win £250. Below you can find the location of marketing materials that can be used to send to your contacts at the University and on any of your social media platforms. 

N:\UUSstaff\Everyone\Investors in Diversity\Marketing Materials



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