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Your outgoing Officer Team: Lauren Kaye

Lauren Kaye – Welfare Officer

Why did you decide to run for office?

As a psychology student, I am incredibly passionate about students' mental health and ran for office do that I can offer support to students who need help in this area and become an advocate for them. I have been fortunate to spend some time in a unit for people suffering from a mental crisis and have first-hand experience of how traumatic this can be.

What are your proudest achievements while in office?

During my time as an officer, I have led on a campaign to promote Mental Health Week and collaborated with Sheffield Hallam University staff to develop numerous initiatives including setting out a drugs and alcohol policy.

What have you learned whilst being in office? 

During my time as an officer, I have learned about the importance of having a team around you for support - my fellow officers have helped me greatly in achieving my goals. Working as an officer has also helped me to increase my confidence, especially when speaking in public or dealing with senior members of the university or SU staff.  This is something future employers really look for and I'm pleased I have developed my skills in this area.

Would you recommend to other students to run for office?

I have really enjoyed my time in office and am so proud of my achievements. If I have helped improve the mental health of just one student then all the hard work would have been worth it! Being a student officer is such a rewarding role - I would recommend that anyone give it a try.