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Your outgoing Officer Team: Faizan Sajid

Faizan Sajid - Activities Officer

Why did you decide to run for office?

During my time at university, I have been involved with a number of societies, including the Global Reach Society, Hallam Indian Soc and as President of the Pakistan Hallam Society. Being an active member of these societies allowed to feel a sense of community while I was at university - like a really belonged. I have made so many great friends through my involvement with societies that I wanted to make sure all students had the same opportunities as I did. It's so important that all students have a voice at university and I wanted to make sure that our underrepresented students have a platform while at university.

What are your proudest achievements while in office?

My proudest achievement was organising the Students' Unions first-ever International Food Festival Event. More than 300 attended the event where students from all over the world showcased their foods that represent their culture. It was one of the most successful events of the year. I also lobbied for greater room booking availability for student groups.

What have you learned whilst being in office? 

The most important thing I learned was about the diverse nature of students that we have at Hallam. We have over 100 different societies and each one represents a unique group of students with different needs. As an officer, it is my role to represent all students and that requires a good understanding of a wide variety of cultures, faiths and groups including BAME and LGBT+ students. Luckily, I have a great time of part-time reps helping me support our students.

Would you recommend to other students to run for office?

Being a student officer has given me the opportunity to work with a diverse range of students and has given me insights into many different student groups. I have made so many great friends and it’s on honour to represent their interests with the university. I have also got some great achievements to use on my CV.  I would absolutely recommend other students to run to be a student officer.