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Your outgoing Officer Team: Ellis Clark

Ellis Clark – Sports Officer

Why did you decide to run for office?

During my studies, I was actively involved in Hallam’s sporting offer, representing Team Hallam’s Women’s Rugby Union Team for three years in BUCS and Varsity. I was a member of the committee for two years, and a member of the sports committee for one. I gained a real understanding of the impact that physical activity and sport can have not only on someone’s lifestyle, but on their university experience. I felt passionately though, that Sheffield Hallam still had much more to give to its students - improving the offer, providing the best student experience possible, in a big to ultimately, transform lives. I wanted to be a part of making this happen. 

What are your proudest achievements while in office?

Achievements come in all shapes and sizes. From making it into work on time on my first day in full time job, to lobbying the university and successfully reinstating the Head of Physical Activity and Sport role, to being elected as a regional chair person, to representing BUCS in Russia, to seeing some of our swimmers qualify for Olympic trials, to being the key driver in creating a new Physical Activity and Sport Strategy that will dictate the direction of Sport at Hallam until 2025. It would be hard to pick one. Many moments throughout the year have filled me with an emotion I guess I could only describe as “pride”. But on a personal level, seeing my family in their seats as I delivered a speech at my graduation must be up there. 

What have you learned whilst being in office? 

During my time as a sabbatical officer, I have massively expanded my skillset and my confidence has grown. Being creative and adopting an “out-of-the-box” thinking approach is integral to changing the world as we know it. I've also realised my own ability to be resilient - I was gutted when Varsity was cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak, but I picked myself up quickly and used new and existing skills to move some competition to a never seen before virtual platform. I have learnt that people are important. People are one of, if not the, biggest asset to any organisation. Making genuine connections with people around you and working with them to see genuine change and progress is one of the most rewarding experiences. I have genuinely enjoyed connecting not only with those here at Hallam, but our counterparts across the country, especially at the University of Sheffield. (I promise, they are not as bad as you think).

Would you recommend to other students to run for office?

Do you want to settle for the world as it is, or do you want to work (extremely) hard for the world as it should be? If you do not want to settle, then yes, I recommend that you run for office.