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Your outgoing Officer Team: Andrew Adegbola

Andrew Adegbola - Education Officer

Why did you decide to run for office?

I wanted to be a Students Officer because I have a passion for leadership and want to use that skill to give back to society. I wanted to help support all our students academically and help them with any issues they may have with their course. All students need a voice and I wanted to help them by being their voice.

What are your proudest achievements while in office?

While Education officer, I worked on many campaigns but my proudest was securing improved lecture capture facilities and greater availability of online learning materials for students. As Education Officer I resolved numerous students academic complaints in this academic year. I also held a successful education conference, with many high profile speakers from the Sheffield City Region and NUS Union Development Officer that explored the impact of Brexit on students.

What have you learned whilst being in office?

I have certainly used and improved my leadership skills, particularly while dealing with senior stakeholders during my high profile campaigns.  I've also learned about the importance of effective communication and of working in a cohesive team - I couldn't have achieved so much without the support of my fellow officers.

Would you recommend to other students to run for office?

I have enjoyed my time as Education Officer so much that I ran for President in this year's Officer Elections and won! Being a student officer is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. Knowing that I have helped to give students a voice for some really key academic issues has made it worthwhile. I would absolutely recommend being a student officer to all students who want to make a difference.