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Women’s History Month: The Fantastic Artists Of Sheffield!

As part of this year’s Women’s History Month, we want to celebrate the local talent and achievements of the people who live and work around us here in Sheffield. Anyone who has ever visited or lived in Sheffield will know it has a thriving arts scene – today we want to highlight some of the incredible work by women who have put their stamp on Sheffield with their art.

Jo Peel

You’re more than likely to have seen some of Jo Peel’s work as a big piece of hers is right outside the Owen building. As you walk down Hallam hill towards the train station, you’ll see one of her murals right in front of you on the side of ‘The Howard’. Artwork of hers can be seen all around the city as well as in many other places in the country and around the world such as Brazil and Japan! Her work is often recognisable for its combination of the industrial and the natural – see more about her work here.








Peachzz is another artist you might already know about due to her connection with the city, one piece in particular you might have seen is the Owl painting just up from Cantor Building. She is a street artist who drew inspiration from abandoned structures in Sheffield and is known for her use of bold colours. Peachzz has worked with many people and companies such as The Wildlife Trust and ITV and has had her work featured in various art festivals and museums. Find out more here.






Karin Hessenberg

Hessenberg is a highly accomplished Sculptor and ceramics artist based in Sheffield. She makes sculptures from busts to larger outdoor ornaments and her work has been featured in The Society Of Portrait Sculptors, Royal Society of British Artists and Sheffield’s own Millennium Galleries. Information about her work can be found on her website.






Patty B

Patty B is a portrait artist born and raised in Ethiopia with Ugandan heritage and is now based in Sheffield. Patty B states that she uses her art to create a sense of home by exploring her roots as a black woman. Her art is not only fantastic but helps fund important causes such as black women’s access to therapy and counselling. Her recently planned exhibition ‘On Black’ was planned to happen last year, set to feature her hand drawn portraits – this, however, is planned to go ahead this year now so be sure to stay updated. Find out more about Patty B here.






Go to our Women’s History Month Page to find out more information about the month and keep an eye out on our WhatsOn page to stay updated on our upcoming events.