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Women's History Month - Interview with Hallam alumni Katie Dudgeon


For Women's History Month, we want to shine a light on some of our students and alumni’s achievements and the celebration of women.

Katie Dudgeon graduated from Sheffield Hallam in 2020 and studied International Events Management with Arts and Entertainment and now runs a successful Children’s Entertainment Business. Over 300 events later and the company has expanded and is now offering singing and musical theatre classes to children ages 5-14, providing the younger generation with opportunities to enjoy performing and to delve into the magical world of theatre. The children’s entertainment business was inspired through Katie and her sisters' love of working with children, and a performance background that they merged to create high energy disco parties and engage children in dancing, singing and using their imagination to go on creative and exciting journeys.


What does the celebration of women mean to you?

The celebration of women to me is all about unity and girl power! Recognising our strengths and our achievements and celebrating these but also noting the struggles and prejudices we receive in society and voicing these to make a stand and make a point. Personally, I grew up in a very sporty world, and I have also loved being athletic and trying everything. Too often women are side lined and disregarded in sport, because they’re ‘girls’ and judged before their talent has even been showcased. That’s what the celebration of women means to me; we are strong, we are fierce, we are capable and we shouldn’t be underestimated.


Who is your biggest female inspiration and what qualities does she have that you aspire to have?

My biggest female inspiration is Alex Scott. Not only is she an incredible athlete, but she is now an incredible female footballing pundit. Too often females have their opinions disregarded when it comes to football, because apparently our gender means we don’t know the offside rule! Alex Scott provides her opinions, knowledge, and expertise amongst men in a majorly male dominant sport and industry every week on the biggest games and does it so well.


If you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be and why?

Do what makes you happy! If you want to kick a ball at lunchtime with the boys, do it! And don’t let them tell you that you can’t. Show them you can do it too, and silence them!


During your time at Hallam, did you meet any inspirational women?

During my time at Hallam, I always looked up to Jane Tattersall. She is a strong-minded woman who empowers women in events; another industry that can be male dominant. Jane also had our best interests at heart, and although academic work and results were also important to her, she understood that learning was much more than that, and provided us with insightful anecdotes and examples to put our learning into practice. I also think that all women who are brave enough to go to university in a new city by themselves are inspirational, brave and deserve to be celebrated.


Women should support other women. How do you feel about this and do you have any examples of it?

Absolutely! One thing women sometimes sadly struggle to gain is respect from men. But we cannot expect that respect and support if we don’t show it to each other. During my time at university I was a part of Hallam Cheer and Dance. I have never been part of a more supportive group of girls, who look after each other, encourage each other and lift each other as much as these girls did! Hallam Cheer were undefeated national champions for my entire 3 years at university; and I truly believe we did that through our support and love for each other.


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