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Why I joined the Hospitality Society

Name/course you’re studying?

Bertie Weber, MSc International Hospitality Management. Bertie is President of the Hospitality society.

What benefits are there to being a society member?

During 2019/20, our society offered free membership, which then gave access to a host of social events including cocktail masterclasses and quiz nights, as well as a heavily discounted field trip for our members. As an academic society, our focus was also on professional development, so we were proud to host Marriott International for a CV and careers workshop. Being a society member not only looks good on your CV, but is also a great opportunity to meet other students, explore Sheffield, and develop your professional and employability skills!

What do you enjoy the most out of being a part of a society?

I loved the events we held, and meeting lots of people from different levels and subjects. I also learnt a lot from our masterclasses and workshops.

How would you say being a part of a society can help/benefit other students?

Societies not only offer a chance to meet new people at Hallam, but also a chance to develop yourself, whether you want to learn Bhangra dance, SCUBA diving, or just go go-karting! Our society wanted to give our members a chance to get out and have fun, while also providing useful, informative sessions to help professional development. Volunteering within societies also works towards your Hallam Award - another great thing to have on your CV!

What would you say to other students considering joining a society but are unsure?

As a new student at Hallam, societies were my first place to turn to to meet people and get the most out of what Hallam and Sheffield have to offer. I was apprehensive at first, but societies are a great way of meeting like-minded people and going to events that really interest you, whether that's with the E-sports society, Spoons society, or Disney Appreciation society... there's really a society for everyone (but hopefully the Hospitality Society is what you're looking for!)

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