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What is gratitude?

Gratitude comes from the Latin word ‘Gratia’, which depending on the context, translates as either grace, graciousness or gratefulness. In our consumerist society, we tend to focus on what we lack or what other people have that we do not. In contrast, gratitude is the complete opposite - it is the feeling of appreciation for what we already have. Gratitude brings joy, satisfaction and peace into your life, and it will help you realise your goals and dreams.


Gratitude practice

Gratitude is the most powerful human emotion and can transform your mood, health and life, and positive affirmations can be used as a tool to reprogram your mind for success.

Many people incorporate gratitude into their daily self-care and personal development routine; it is a simple daily ritual of expressing your appreciation for all the wonderful things, people and experiences in your life so far.


If you are a fan of journaling or are interested in starting, then following these simple steps will help set you off on the right track. Each day, try and write down around 3-10 new things that you are grateful for along with your chosen affirmations (see example phrases below). As well as journaling, you can create a visual representation of gratitude by making a gratitude vision board.


Example gratitude phrases:

  • I am grateful for...my health, clean water to drink, how excited my dog was to see me when I came home etc.
  • I gratefully receive the lessons that each experience brings
  • With a sense of gratitude, I see the world in a new light. Each day is an opportunity and a gift
  • I am grateful for my sense of gratitude - I know it is the way to joy, peace and the life of my dreams


Obianuju Chukwu
6:33am on 21 Mar 21 Gratitude releases positive energy which enables one to achieve above their expectations. Gratitude is an attitude that brings out the best in you. Whenever I'm grateful, I feel a sense of peace, and my hope for the future is enkindled. Gratitude has a strong therapeutic effect on our psyche, improves overall wellbeing.
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