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Top 10 things to do at home if you're social distancing




It’s all a bit of a strange time at the moment, isn’t it? Most places are now closed and many people are now having to work from home. As teaching at Hallam has now moved online and The HUBS has closed, you might be wondering “What can I do in my free time at home now?” Well don’t worry, SHSU is here to help and we’ve put together the top 10 things you can do at home…

Start a new TV series

Is there a TV series you’ve been planning on binge-watching but just haven’t had the time to? If you have Netflix, Now TV or anything similar, now is a good time to start a new TV series whilst you’re in isolation at home. Or you can go old school and dig out the DVDs or blu-rays (if you have any). You can also join Netflix Party where you can watch films and chat with your friends.

Read a book

Now is the perfect time to read as many books as you possibly can to pass the time. Whatever you’re in to, find some good books to read or discover an old favourite you maybe haven’t read in a while. Reading before bed is also a good way to relax your mind and can help you fall asleep quicker.

Do some exercise

Although we’re being urged to only go out if we really need to, there’s no reason why you can’t do any exercise at home. Find a workout video on YouTube or go for a run. You could also take regular walks outside, as this will instantly boost your mood by getting some fresh air.

Work on your CV

If you’ve been meaning to update your CV (or maybe you don’t have a CV) then use this time to do so or make one. When it comes to the time when you’re applying for jobs, you’ll have your CV ready to be sent straight to employers. Then it’s just a case of waiting for that dream job to appear…

Play some games

While people’s spirits might be down during this difficult period, use the time you have at home to play some games. Whether it’s playing FIFA or digging out the board games if you have company, have some fun and get your game on.

Complete an online course

Fancy learning something new from the comfort of your own home? Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn a new language or how to cook a specific type of food? There are lots of online courses available that you can do, so have a look and see what interests you.

Do some baking

If you’ve got the supplies in, channel your inner Mary Berry and bake up some sweet treats. If you live on your own, all the more cake for you, or if you live with others, brighten up their day with a freshly baked scone.

Tidy the house

Are your food cupboards looking a bit messy? Maybe you need to rearrange your wardrobe? If there’s something you know you need to tidy or clean up that you’ve been putting off, then there’s no time like the present.

Stay connected with those around you

It’s good to regularly keep in touch with family and friends, especially now, so make sure you pick the phone up or arrange a video call. Sometimes just speaking to the ones we’re close with can instantly make us feel better. You can also download the Houseparty app where you can have video calls with all of your friends at the same time and create your own virtual house party.

Start a blog

Got an interest in a particular area? Maybe you just want to express your views with the world? Start your own blog and get sharing your thoughts and experiences. You may meet some new online friends who share a similar interest with you.


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