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This Hallam Girl Can! - Coral Leach #IWD2018

Coral with her Think, Care volunteers

This International Women's Day, our student spotlight goes to Coral Leach, a 2nd Year Psychology student who volunteers on homeless volunteering projects, through the Students' Union, in her spare time. Here is what she has to say about volunteering through Sheffield Hallam Students' Union:

"I first heard about the volunteering opportunities during my first year welcome lecture. Holly (Students' Union Volunteering Manager) came in and explained the different types of volunteering we could get involved in. I later went online to see what kind of projects were out there and what I could volunteer for. I've always been passionate about helping the homeless since I first took part in a project through NCS (National Citizen Service). We created a project known as Sleep Sweep Survive, where we did our own sponsored sleep out and raised over £1,700 which was used to create survival kits for those on the streets of Sheffield. I was hoping there was a project similar to this for me to get involved in, but no one had created one! I took the opportunity to set up my own project, Think, Care, focusing on helping the homeless in any way we can. 

Volunteering is such an amazing way to give back to the community and opens your mind to new experiences and things that are happening around you. I don't see any reason why you wouldn't want to volunteer! Volunteering for mainly homeless organisations has completely opened my eyes to the struggles so many people are facing. Although some amazing services are available to help those on the streets, there's so much more that can be done. Even acknowledging people on the streets and buying them a sandwich or some water, it goes a long way for someone who has very little. Or buying the Big Issue - It's only £2.50 and helps them keep their spot in a good organisation providing them with necessities. It's the little things that count!" 

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