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The Elections Results Are In

Thank you to over 3,000 of you who voted in the Sheffield Hallam Students' Union Elections 2018, we are very excited to announce your Officer and Student Representative team for the academic year 2018/19!

Officer Team 2018/19

President - Abdullah Okud
Sports & Physical Activity Officer - Harry Preston
Welfare & Community Officer - Nabeela Mowlana 
Activities Officer - Bethany Howden
Education Officer - Sheriff Muhammed 

Student Rep Team 2018/19

Faculty Academic Rep SBS - Eloise Hill-Crane
Faculty Academic Rep HWB - Elena Georgiou
Faculty Academic Rep D&S - Adam Woodward
Faculty Academic Rep ACES - Chloe Massey
Union Council Chair - Abubakar Mohammed
Women's Rep - Gabby Willis
Disabled Students' Rep - Sinem Salman
Black & Minority Ethnic Rep - Shama Abdulla
LGBT+ Students' Rep - Kirstie Rutter
International Students' Rep - Goodluck Odili Oguzia
Mature Students' Rep - Steph Ingram
Postgraduate Students' Rep - Kathy Davies

Congratulations to all the candidates that campaigned in the 2018 Elections, the new team of officers and reps will start in their new posts in June.