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In The News ...

Your Students' Union Officer Rewind

Your elected Officer team have had an amazing year! During their time working at your Students' Union, they've been busy making good on their manifesto pledges and fighting your corner to improve your experience at Sheffield Hallam.

We can't express just how hard Abdullah, Nabeela, Harry, Sheriff and Beth have worked to support vulnerable students, organise fantastic event, and forward progressive policy at the University by getting your voices heard. They have been committed to their roles and will be hugely missed. A big thank you to all of them but also to everyone who voted back in 2018. You chose a great team of people to represent your views!  

To highlight the team's amazing achievements, here is a rewind of their individual highlights and proudest achievements from the last year.


Abdullah Okud - President:

As Students' Union President, Abdullah has fought on a variety of fronts for significant and progressive change on behalf of Hallam students. The diversity of his work over the past year is reflected in his achievements. Abdullah championed a year-round Black History campaign, delivering his Why Is My Curriculum White campaign and another successful BME in Leadership Conference. He has also worked hard to improve the accessibility, making your day-to-day experiences that little bit easier. You are now able to access more recorded and captured lectures than ever before. In addition, microwaves and hot water facilities are now available in 8 building across campus, including both libraries. To round off the year, Abdullah also launched the Hallam Men: Can We Talk series, creating safe spaces to encourage men to have open conversations and discover a healthy masculinity. This was accompanied by #MindYourMate toolkit to reduce the stigma around talking about suffering from mental health conditions.


Nabeela Mowlana - Welfare & Community Officer:

Nabeela has spent her time as your Welfare & Community Officer collaborating with various organisations and seeking out prominent platforms to raise awareness of the issues you face as students in 2019. Like Abdullah, Nabeela has worked hard to open debates around students' mental health and helped to find solutions. She has contributed to shaping national research in to mental health provisions and support services, whilst also playing a role in the Sheffield Hallam University's Student Wellbeing Programme. Moreover, Nabeela appeared on Channel 5 News to talk about the importance of culturally competent mental health provisions, representing the student community on live television whilst discussing these important issues.

Nabeela has also completed plenty of work in other areas, a highlight being her success in campaigning for greater housing rights. In advocating for landlord licencing in Sheffield, Nabeela has worked with ACORN, Generation Rent and London Renters Union, joining them in the successful national campaign to repeal section 21 and fight against no-fault evictions. Nabeela has even been published by in both The Times and Tribune Magazine writing on these topics, showcasing the expertise she has gained through her role.        


Harry Preston - Sports & Physical Activity Officer:

Harry has been busy delivering multiple major sporting events and projects during the last year. His hard work was there for everyone to enjoy as he successfully delivered Varsity 2019. We may not have won overall, but there is no doubt that Hallam's supporters cheered loudest at every fixture, and that this passionate support was brought about by Harry's enthusiasm promoting and organising this showpiece event. Alongside Varsity, Harry was also involved in delivering the BUCS Northern Conference Cup and running Hallam's Disability in Sport Week. The latter was a fantastic series of affordable activities, workshops and taster sessions designed to increase accessibility to physical activity, and educate people in growing inclusive active communities. In addition, Harry has been involved in implementing crucial changes to how physical activity is approached at Sheffield Hallam. This has included establishing the Sport & Physical Activity Survey which will be used to improve your sporting experience at Sheffield Hallam.        


Sheriff Muhammed - Education Officer:

As Education Officer, Sheriff has been all action in delivering his manifesto pledges and recognising the academic achievements of both students and staff. In improving assessment submission flexibility and tackling baseless plagiarism charges, Sheriff has always put his emphasis on helping you reach your academic goals. In the last year he has succeeded in waving laptop fines for all students and introducing 24 laptop loans at the Students' Union. Sheriff has also worked to protect funding for Sheffield Hallam University's Go Global fund, enabling students to go abroad and enhance their employability despite being from less-advantaged backgrounds.

A final achievement worth highlighting is his organisation of the inaugural Hallam Union BME and International Student Awards (or HUBIS Awards). Sheriff worked closely with the University to create and present an evening celebrating the achievements of BME and International students and staff. Many nominations were received and the event was a great success. As the newly elected President of the Students' Union, Sheriff will have a great opportunity to grow this event and continue to his great work representing your interests. 


Beth Howden - Activities Officer:

This was Beth's second and final year as your Activities Officer at the Students' Union. This year she curated an even bigger Welcome Back programme, including a fair to get everyone across all courses and years of study involved in the Students' Union's activities. Beth also organised our biggest and best Societies Ball ever. It was a great evening of celebration with awards, games and a luxurious Gatsby theme. However, maybe the biggest (and loudest) project she worked on this year was a collaboration with both of Sheffield's student unions, the Varsity Voice. This competition resulted in one very talented Hallam student performing a song at the Varsity Ice Hockey Final. It was a fantastic project, giving students an amazing opportunity to showcase their talents and really added to the spectacle of the Varsity Final.

Beth has not only spent the year delivering some of the Students' Union's biggest events. She has also invested her time in smaller creative projects, such as mental health awareness sessions. These invited students to take part in activities such as therapeutic rock painting, as well as making sensory water bottles and crotched hearts. Student's creations were then donated to a charity event Manchester. Beth's hard work on all these projects has created so many new opportunities for both societies and individual students, helping to ensure the Students' Union provides activities that you want to be part of.                         


Been inspired by any of our Officer's achievements? Visit our Get Involved page to find out what your SU can do for you!