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Stress Awareness Month: Stress reduction tips

As it’s Stress Awareness Month, here are our top tips on how to manage your stress levels:


Talk to people

Sometimes the simplest way to relieve stress is to have a conversation with someone you trust about what’s bothering you. It can help to vent sometimes and the person listening might have some useful advice.


Be active

We all know there are a lot of benefits to exercise, but a lot of people forget that regular exercise can really help to relieve stress thanks to the chemicals exercise helps your body to release.


Be kind to others

Be a good friend, listen to people, help people out if you’re able to. Making someone else’s day can be uplifting and it’s good to treat people with the kindness you’d like returned.


Change your approach to tasks

Don’t leave the annoying tasks to mount up, get them done and out the way if possible and then manage your time to make it work best for you. Being more organised can help you regain some control and help you manage your stress levels.


Make time to relax or do things you enjoy

Working non-stop or never having a break is NOT good. You need time to yourself, whether it’s to relax or to do something you enjoy.



Stop forgetting to drink! Set alarms if you have to but you’ll feel better if you make sure to have enough water.


Try to adopt a positive outlook

Now don’t get us wrong, we understand someone telling you to cheer up when you’re down or stressed can make you feel worse, what we’re saying here is find happiness in small things and take more notice of the things that already make you happy.


We know none of these tips are game-changing pieces of advice, but sometimes we all need reminding about the small things we can do to make things a little easier on ourselves. If you’re needing further advice, check out our Stress Awareness Month page where you can find lots of useful information and links to resources.


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