Steve Taylor Loved Working at Heeley City Farm

At the Student's Union we’re here to support you through your time as a student and we want to give you the best possible experience. Something we like to do is help fill you CV to capacity, that’s why we introduced the paid, summer placement programme with local social enterprises. Giving you first-hand experience that is crucial to; developing your skills, making you stand out to employers and putting what you've learnt on your course into practice.

Steve Taylor, who was last yera a third year occupational therapy student welcomed the experience for his CV. Steve worked at Heeley City Farm, specifically with the learning disabilities team, in group support sessions in woodwork, animal care and sport. Steve's main duties revolved around leading activities, providing feedback for attendees and general help and maintenance when needed. From this he developed a range of transferable skills such as communication and teamwork through his main duties. He also gained specific experience with learning difficulties in group situations and woodwork techniques. We asked Steve is going to develop these skills further, he replied "I will use these experiences in further placements and academic work and through this be able to back up what happens with literature. I am hoping to continue volunteering at the farm once university has begun, thus more opportunity to continue development."

Finally, we wanted to know how he thinks this experience will impact his employability, he offered "I know that not many of my fellow cohort took an experience through their summer holidays. This gives me an advantage and should naturally add range to my CV. This is an area that I am really interested in being employed in, but have realised I need to learn other skills before being able to utilise myself effectively. Without this experience I wouldn’t have known that and that is invaluable to me. I have also increased my network further, and added my name to peoples memory’s for further employment opportunities."

It sounds like Steve has gained a lot of commercial awareness and skills from his placement. If you like the sound of this, summer placement applications are now open for 2017- Apply online.