Sheffield Hallam Students' Union joins the Ask for Angela campaign

Sheffield Hallam Students' Union is proud to announce that we are part of a new campaign launching in Sheffield that aims to support safe dating and tackle sexual harassment in Sheffield's pubs, bars and clubs. The campaign launches on Friday 19 May. 

The campaign, 'Ask for Angela' is designed so that people can discreetly ask for help from bar staff if they are feeling unsafe or have found themselves in an uncomfortable position...this could be in a variety of different ways for example if they are on a date or if they are getting unwanted attention.

Asking for Angela at Sheffield Hallam Students' Union will alert our staff to call for help and our staff are being trained by Sheffield’s Drug and Alcohol/Domestic Abuse Coordination Team and Sheffield’s Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre on how to handle situations like this. Whether that is taking someone aside to speak to them, calling a taxi, contacting friends or family or calling the police. 

Alison Higgins, Domestic Abuse Strategic Manager at Sheffield City Council, said: “This is about keeping people safe and offering a discreet way for them to ask for help if they’re on a night out and getting unwanted attention or are out on a date and something doesn’t feel right. This is particularly important with the rise of internet dating and dating apps.

“We’re providing training to pubs, bars and nightclubs, and want as many as possible to take part.

“Sheffield has a busy, thriving and safe night-time economy and we work closely with venues through our Best Bar None scheme. This campaign is a further way to help people when they’re out at night.”

You can find more information on the campaign on the Sheffield Best Bar None website