SHSU Awards: The low down

On Friday 5 May the HUBS hosted the Sheffield Hallam Students' Union Awards, Celebrating students and student groups who have made a big impact this year. The night was a wonderful success with celebrations galore!

The awards night kicked off with a drinks reception and some fabulous Fusion Café food. All while our ears were treated to the music from the AIM society. This was a fabulous prelude to the all-important awards. The nervous nominees filed into the Stage where they were greeted by Students' Union president Emily Wilkes who was also the host for the evening.


The first awards of the night was Outstanding Contribution to Student Events which was won by Theodore Nwankwo for the Hallam One Race event - a cultural extravaganza celebrating the diversity of Sheffield Hallam students. This event not only celebrated our diverse culture but also showed student unity bringing together students from all different nationalities and backgrounds. Theo Lead a project team of Officers, PT Reps students, tech and events support staff. Over 40 students gave a variety of performances for the One Race event which was attended by over 100 students. See the photos over on Facebook!


Outstanding Contribution to Inclusion and Diversity was given to the LGBT+ Committee for their dedication to creating an inclusive environment, their passion for diversity and eagerness to develop. A main focus of the committee this year was providing education on LGBT+ experiences to create a better and more inclusive environment at the Students' Union.




Outstanding Social Enterprise of the Year was awarded to Defeat the Street. The founders of the social enterprise James Radford and Jordan Smith have achieved amazing things this year. Through a crowdfunding campaign, the pair raised money to support a homeless person in Sheffield giving them a home, makeover, social care and employment support. There was a special appearance from the gentleman the pair were able to help. Defeat the Street were granted £5000 from the Students' Union's Social Enterprise Grow It fund to develop a structured programme.


Outstanding Contribution to the Community went to Head in the Clouds. This community volunteering project delivers sessions in local primary schools for children with challenging behaviours. Their commitment, dedication and passion to making a difference to these children's lives has been recognised by the children and the schools alike with further schools approaching the students for their help.




Outstanding Contribution to Student Campaigns was awarded to Disabled Students' Rep Kashmire Hawker. Kashmire has set up a regular disabled student network encouraging students across the University to come together in a positive and supportive way. He begun working with the Disabled Student Support Team to create a dialogue with the view of making improvements where possible.




Ryan Newsam and Connor Parker took the award for Outstanding Contribution to Student Media. Ryan and Connor are both Editors in Chief of their respective Student Media Outlets, and at the start of the year decided to create an overarching Sheffield Hallam Students' Union Media brand - HubsMedia. The pair have demonstrated excellent partnership work as well as working with external partners in the development of the new HubsMedia website where the magazine and newspaper are published.



Izzie Kirk President of the Salsa Society won Outstanding Contribution to Student Societies. Despite being on her placement year Izzie has worked hard to get Salsa involved in as many SU events as possible, taking on extra responsibilities when needed. Izzie has been described as a true leader by students and staff alike. She is an incredibly friendly and welcoming individual which has resulted in society begin described as having a 'family atmosphere'.



Outstanding Contribution to Student Welfare was awarded to first year Jess Mell, who has hit the ground running since starting at Sheffield Hallam. Jess founded the Mental Health Society has thrown herself into organising various campaigns and events to publicise this society. Her blog addresses topics such as eating disorders, and it has recently been shortlisted for the international women's day stories. Jess has also featured on local radio stations talking about the good causes she supports.



Outstanding Contribution to Volunteering was awarded to the leader of the Uni Boob Team, Jodie Crawshaw. The volunteering team described Jodie as one of their most dedicated, passionate and hardworking students juggling her nursing course with her drive to raise awareness. Jodie ensured her team had a glittery presence at all Students' Union events.



Adam Woodward battled a huge list of nominees to win Outstanding Contribution to Student Representation. Adam has gone above and beyond trying to gather constructive feedback. He undertook extra responsibility moving from a Course Rep to a Department Rep in Semester two. Adam has gathered feedback from harder to reach students and has engaged further with the Students Union attending Education Zones, Student Education Conference as well as Activism in Education. The long list of nominees also demonstrates just how wonderful our Student Reps are here at Hallam.


Outstanding Contribution to Student Sport was awarded to final year rowing captain Tom Marshall. Tom has led his committee with distinction for the past two seasons. He bravely restructured the rowing club committee on arrival and has worked tirelessly to grow their membership to become one of the largest and most inclusive clubs at Sheffield Hallam. Tom successfully applied for a £10,000 grant from Sport England to allow for a greater provision for beginner members.



Outstanding Student Staff Member of the Year was awarded to Beth Hazlehurst. Beth has a great understanding of the organisation and uses this to promote a range of opportunities to students. She is a highly committed staff member commuting from her placement in Derby to continue working in Bar Phoenix. Beth is a great ambassador of the students union and is excited for another year working in Bar Phoenix.




The final award of the night Students' Union Student of the Year was awarded to Sean Carnighan. Sean is a dedicated volunteer who promotes the Students' Union at every opportunity. He has had a massive impact on the restructure of the Advice Centre service, which has had a positive impact on how students engage with the Students' Union through on-line chat. If ever we needed someone to promote the benefits of being involved with the Students' Union Sean would be the first in line.



The SHSU awards were a fabulous celebration of student achievements and we are so proud of all our students! Have you been inspired by the stories in this article? It's never too late to get involved. Head over to our website or pop in to chat to our friendly staff.

Here's to another successful Hallam year in 2017/18.