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Pride month: Podcasts for Pride

For Pride month, we've pulled together a list of new podcasts made for and by the queer community. This is a great way to celebrate Pride because you’ll be supporting work made by LGBTQ+ creators but also because they can be massively educational and entertaining.



A conversational podcast hosted by comedian Cameron Esposito, this podcast explores stories about identity and personality, as well as gender, rights and sexuality. Listen here.


Making Gay History

Based around interviews and archival audio footage, this podcast shines a light on queer history, featuring famous and lesser-known heroes of the community offering their stories. Listen here.



A weekly podcast featuring chats with various LGBTQ+ guests such as Laverne Cox and Holland Taylor, set up in partnership with GLAAD, an organisation that aims improve representation for LGBTQ+ people. Listen here.



A British podcast, aimed at LGBTQ+ students, which commissions students, graduates and LGBTQ+ producers to offer their thoughts and discuss their experiences, sometimes featuring celebrity guests. Listen here.



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