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Pride Month: LGBTQ+ Musicians

One way many people like to celebrate Pride is with a party, dancing to music they love. Other people like to honour the month by supporting work by those in the community. We’ve put together a list of artists who identify as part of the community in one way or another so you can turn up the music for Pride and maybe even discover a new favourite artist!


Rina Sawayama

If you’re a big fan of pop music and you’ve not discovered Rina yet, you’re missing out. Her debut album ‘Sawayama’ came out last year, coming high on many ‘Album Of The Year’ lists for its boundary-pushing take on pop. The singer identifies as both bisexual and pansexual.


Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean has become one of the most exciting names in alt-pop and R&B. Ocean has spoken out about his sexual attraction in the past, acknowledging same-sex attraction, without labelling himself one thing or another.



SOPHIE was a trans superstar DJ, Singer and Music Producer, known for her innovative musical styles that have influenced a movement in pop music, with her sound based in ‘PC Music’ and ‘Hyperpop’. Tragically, SOPHIE passed away earlier this year but her legacy will continue to influence countless other musicians.


Janelle Monáe

Janelle is a musician, model and actor who has explored gender and sexuality in her artistry. Throughout her career, she has expressed her support for the LGBTQ+ community and identifies with bisexuality and as pansexual.


Christine and The Queens

Christine And The Queens is a French songwriter and pop artist who has topped all kinds of lists and won various awards for her work in music. She identifies as both pansexual and genderqueer and has often discussed the concept of gender within her music and in society.


Lil Nas X

Despite still being relatively new to the music scene, Lil Nas X has gone from success to success, gaining a sizeable fanbase off the country-influenced hit ‘Old Town Road’. The artist has since come out as gay and has spoken out about how sexuality is viewed within the industry.



MNEK is an openly gay popstar and songwriter who has written for countless other artists, contributing to many, many hit songs. As part of his activism, he hosted a song writing camp in 2019 for LGBTQ+ songwriters with Pride In Music.


Sam Smith

Sam goes by They/Them pronouns and has expressed feeling both feminine and masculine, coming out as non-binary in 2019. Their experiences with their sexuality and relationships have been woven into their music which has massively resonated with many people.


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