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Our Statement on Your Referendum Results

In March 2019 we asked you to vote on a number of changes to improve the democratic and governance structures of your Students' Union.

More than 1,500 of you voted in support of a package of changes that reformed our policy-making process, reintroduced committees, and introduced new voluntary representative positions for Trans Students and Student Parents and Carers, and split the Postgraduate Rep position into Postgraduate Taught and Postgraduate Research.

From the moment the Referendum was passed, staff and Officers within the Students' Union have been working towards implementing these changes and presenting options for approval by the University Board of Governors.

At the same time, the University itself has been changing. This year sees huge changes to the structure of the University which will have an impact on the way in which decisions are made. The cornerstone of our existence is to effectively represent students and be a powerful and effective counterpoint and critical friend to the University. We need to take stock of these changes to ensure that we are sufficiently equipped to effectively represent students at all levels.

With this in mind, the changes voted on in 2019 have not yet been approved and implemented, meaning new positions will not feature in the 2019 Autumn Elections. We are working on reforms that will build upon and enhance those proposed in March 2019, with the aim of new, radical change, being presented to all students for approval in early 2020.